You need not be a musician
to understand jazz music.
All you need is a sense for it...
To live your life and miss this music -
that means to miss one of the best things
life has to give.
(Art Blakey)

Miles Davis
    miles davis

Charly Antolini
charly antolini

JAZZ is visual music.
        You will understand jazz much better
          if you see how it's played,
            since jazz emanates from the body,
              is done with the body,
                with the whole body.
                  You'd do better to see a musician
                enthralled in his playing
              than to just listen to him.

            (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)

James Newton
james newton               

Gerry Mulligan
gerry mulligan

Joe Pass
joe pass

Jazz is musical improvisation;
it's the art of the moment.
When recording jazz music
the inspiration and
the inventiveness of this moment
are archived with technical aids,
so that you are able to enjoy it
even many years later.

Photography is jazz for the eye.
(William Claxton)

Howard Johnson
howard johnson        

Lionel Hampton
lionel hampton

The tones are

on the street

and on the roofs,

on the bodies and pianos,

in the pores and diodes,

in the lungs and


in the brains and in


and the jazz musicians

it's they

who pick them up.

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